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Artist Statement


My work bridges the gap between abstract and representational painting challenging established ideas of what paintings are classified as, and in doing so, diversifies the type of art my viewers can relate to. It does this not in a boisterous way, but rather in a contemplative manner, though quietly unapologetic.


My paintings are both abstract and representational, founded on my love for these two seemingly different types of painting, and following many years of working directly from observation.


Nature has a beautiful way of presenting us visual information, sometimes it does this in subtle ways, and other times it's quite dramatic. Sometimes it's poetic, and other times it's playful...sometimes it reveals information, and sometimes it conceals it. These are elements I incorporate into my work, as I reveal and conceal information in a similar manner.


My painting process is one of exploration and discovery, as I make decisions in response to a conversation with the painting, centered around color relationships and patterns which come together to suggest elements and relationships found in the observed world.


Enamored by the color combinations and patterns I found in nature, I eventually let go of working from observation and moved on to create compositions which are completely imaginary, and without the use of reference materials. And although I no longer work from observation, my work is still a vehicle through which I respond to my environment, both objectively and emotionally, as I create environments of my own. It’s this personal connection to my work that then allows me to connect with others through my paintings.

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