Artwork Rental...

Whether you are planning to put your home on the market or interested in decorating your office space, I offer several options for rental of my original art work ranging from single pieces to multiples, with options of short or long term rentals. Installation and removal of work, as well as insurance on all artwork, is included.


Home Staging

Decorating your home in preparation for selling it can help get the attention of potential buyers, who often make their final decisions based on emotions.


For homes that are owner-occupied, we will select artwork to coordinate with your existing furnishings and decor to create a customized look without spending a fortune.

For vacant homes, which generally take much longer to sell because over 90% of buyers are unable to see past the empty walls, we will select key pieces to help add ambience to set the stage for potential buyers to visualize possibilities and thus create an emotional connection to the home.

Commercial Space Decorating

Adding artwork to your own personal working space or to shared areas in a workplace, can improve productivity by positively affecting the work environment. Services range from helping you select a single piece of art to designing a group of pieces to fill a specific space.

For more information on the Rental of Artwork, please contact the artist.